About CO foundation

We are a Non Governmental Organisation on a
mission of impacting lives

Our Values

We Uphold principles of secularism, transparency, and accountability in all of our activities. Our vision and values is what guides every aspect of our work by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.


Promote inquiry and innovation across all levels of the organization Build creative capacity of all stakeholders through openness to new ideas, collaborative problem-solving, cross-functional teamwork, and a multiplicity of perspectives


Be honest and truthful in all circumstances while addressing challenges openly. Uphold the highest ethical standards, including transparency and accountability.


Model continuous improvement, striving every day to best meet the changing needs of Indiaโ€™s poor, while maintaining razor-like focus on the COF mission and values.


Value all individuals and their contributions equally without regard to their ability, class, caste, gender,\sexuality, or career level. Listen to a diversity of perspectives to promote the most effective approach to collaborative problem-solving, practice thoughtfulness, kindness, and empathy with all stakeholders

Every action matters. Every effort counts.

There are many ways you can help. From supporting a cause through your donations to actively
working on COF initiatives through volunteering โ€“ you can make a positive impact on the
lives of millions of people.

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